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Sunday, 9 September 2012

It's been a wee while, ey

How many of you have a bucket list?

I definitely have one, but it's not necessarily one that's written down in one place. It's more of a virtual list in my mind, sort of whizzing around my personal stratosphere.

Maybe I should make an effort to write some of the things I wanna do before I pop my clogs down in a list-I always seem to accomplish more when things have been popped down in a list! I think it's the satisfaction of ticking something off- I don't know about you but I definitely shout in my head "TICK!" and have an inane smile on my face for a wee while just because I've ticked something off said list. Even if it's something as simple as printing off a few letters or inputting some data. Simple minded, what can I say!

Anyway, the point of this is I went to see the All Blacks last night, and I placed a massive tick in my imaginary box in my virtual bucket list. Ever since the Rugby World Cup last year I decided that one day I would see the Haka live in action by the All Blacks. Of course, I never thought it would happen, but then again I never thought a lot of things in my life would happen. It was pretty awesome. Not one of those life defining moments that do feature pretty heavily in bucket lists, but still pretty cool!


The match was quite slow to begin with but by the end it was brilliant. Even better as there was a total black out in the stadium- someone obviously pulled the plug in error and I would not want to be that person on Monday! But I have to say it was cool, how many times will that happen- An All Blacks black out.. excuse the (really bad) pun (if I can even call it that).

I think that the main thing on this list is to make the most of every opportunity, and never look back. I know many people will think I'm mad for taking on another job that is more demanding than the previous, but as my housemate pointed out to me, that would never have been enough for me. In short- I'm a glutton for punishment. I really do feel that she's right. I have taken on a new role which I am loving every minute of. It is still the honeymoon period and only time shall tell. But it was an opportunity I simply could not refuse and if I had, I would have looked back and thought what if and as I have mentioned MANY times before there's no point in that.

I think the point is this:
(taken from http://notsalmon.com/2012/06/02/your-mission/#.UEvbC7JlSAo thank you kindly)

I think that sums it up pretty nicely.

Bit of a pensive and philosophical post from me, but it was bound to happen sometime wasn't it..

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