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Monday, 11 June 2012

you're only ever a hop, skip and a jump away..

Recently, I have been thinking of this theory that exists, and that I'm sure you're aware of- that being the 6 degrees of separation.

Everyone will have contemplated this theory at some point in their lives.Think back to the last time you said Gosh, what a small world we live in- and BOOM! There you have it, albeit on a rather basic level, but you have indeed considered the fact that the world we live in,despite having billions of people in it is actually rather small. Or that you are an incredibly well connected person.

This is almost definitely emphasised by the social media revolution. What with mediums such as Facebook and LinkedIn,we are all much exposed to the "connected-ness" that the theory sets out.How many times have you clicked on the "people you may know" link to the right of your Facebook home page and found someone through one of your friends that you both know without realising it? That you were both mutually unaware of your mutual friend?  Granted, a lot of the time, you will have complete randoms on there that, are, (in my case anyway), random South Americans.

The thing that has really got my goat about this is someone that I met in Wellington 6 months ago. In considering this 6 degrees of separation lark, it has got me thinking (dangerous, I know, and yes, it did hurt) that the world is becoming a smaller place. Or at least developed countries are more so. Take this case in point-  my leaving 'do, my friend turns to me and asks where exactly I'm going, what my housemates does over here and when I'm leaving and exclaims (or,I should correct myself here and say mumbled as we were feeling a little worse for wear the morning after the night before. Standard Davies party.) that a mutual friend of hers is going to Wellington in a few weeks to study something rock related at the same uni as my friend who is also studying something rock related!! (I hasten to add these people are a Geophysicist and a Geochemist- both VERY different things and will be scorned at for branding them with the same brush..  but what can I say, I did Philosophy and Politics, it should almost be expected.) Now, if that isn't a prime example of the six degrees of separation theory in action, I will (actually, might,) eat my Louboutin.

It really does make the world, or rather, my world, seem a little smaller, and that 11,000 miles away it is nothing but a hop, skip, a jump and six degrees away. It helps a little at times of homesick-ness and topsy-turvy times whilst being upside down in New Zealand.

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