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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

So laid back, they're practically horizontal..loving life the Kiwi way.

So, 4 weeks ago today, I jumped on a plane to come to New Zealand. I realised this today and I am still in shock at how fast time has flown by. I will add a hideous cliche here, that time has flown by, and I have indeed been having so much fun. What shocks me is that 4 weeks = 1 month gone already of a mere12 month visa.

I have been incredibly lucky in that I have walked into a life that has, in effect, already been set up for me.Other people have had to do most the hard work. That's the beauty of it I guess, and it is only now that i realise that I would have been stupid to not even give this whole Kiwi thing a go. Anyway, I am here, having a go at it and thoroughly enjoying it. Already there have been some ups and downs, but I am fortunate enough that the ups have far outweighed the downs already, which takes a lot for a pessimist (yes, like me) to admit to.

The one thing I am quite enjoying but also admittedly struggling with a little is the attitude to life here. I find it so alien to the UK way that I know it'll take another month to adapt. Everything is *so* laid back here. Now, I am the first to admit this is definitely a good thing for me and my dubious blood pressure, but we all know I can be  a little incredibly highly strung at times and this will definitely be doing the world of good. Even things like setting up Bank Accounts is just so straight forward, and stress free here. I set one up without having to prove that I am who I say I am with about a gazillion forms of ID, utility bills and goodness knows what else, (probably a medical history and a detailed account of what you had for your dinner last night) but with one form of ID and in about 15 minutes. My IRD number was done through a simple form. The only thing with that is that the postman seems to like to take his time getting it to me, (probably too busy chilling out, and I have to say I don't blame him) but again, that is a non issue for the time being. In the UK, a bureaucratic hell would be breaking loose over it. I can even DRIVE on my UK license for a year no problem. And guys,don't worry, the likelihood that you will meet me on the roads in this year is fairly unlikely what with me being thousands of miles away. You can look relieved now.

I am literally thousands of miles away which still scares me, and I still havent got my head round the crazy time difference.As I write this, I'm in bed getting ready for a Wednesday, whereas you lot in the UK are just getting out of bed ready for Tuesday and what it will bring. Timezones are beyond my (rather limited) mental capacity.

So after the first 4 weeks of being away, do I have any regrets? Nope. None whatsoever. Perhaps one though, that I forgot my hammock for all this chilling out I'll be scheduling in  doing. (totally unscheduled).


  1. Sounds like they live on African time out there. I think it would do any Brit some good. Glad you're enjoying yourself! Email to follow... x

  2. Dave- I want you to cooooommmeee visitttt!
    Amy- it really is doing the world of good- awaiting your email with much anticipation and loving your recent posts!