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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Windy Welly vs Wet Wales

Since arriving here on the other side of the world, I have felt totally refreshed and excited to go and do new things, or actively go and seek out different things that will make the weekend a real weekend.

Now I don't know why this is. I certainly did not do this in the UK. I, in fact would have been quite happy to chill at home weekend after weekend after crazy times at work during the week. More often than not, watching those really bad movies on Sky- the ones that you pay a fortune for, yet never really have the urge to watch Christmas movies in the middle of summer, or watching Harry Potter for the billionth time. Even I, with my incredible thirst for all things Potter related. (I am secretly saving to go to that Potter-land in Florida. for the WIN.)

It wasn't until I saw a Lonely Planet book yesterday in a book shop (right next to a book on how to grow KIWI's-oh yes!) on the UK, and the fact that someone I know here has recently left to do a year in the UK did I fully realise (yes-sloooowww on the uptake I know- but hey-what's new there ey?!) that the UK is full of amazing things to do and see. 

Don't worry- I'm in New Zealand and absolutely loving it- I'm not coming back anytime soon.

One of my friends recently went to Liverpool and loved it. I found it refreshing to hear of someone taking a mini break in the UK and loving every minute of it..(says the girl who recently traveled over 11,000 miles to get away from the country. Hypocrite much? I think so).

Despite this factor, I feel that my quality of life here is so much better than it was about 4 months ago. I think it's in part to do with the fact that I shelled out a lot of money on a one way ticket to Kiwi-land and wanting to make the most of every opportunity,or as a friend put it, becoming a "YES" girl. I think that back in the UK I was lazy- and had a very different view on things-more of a stagnant approach to the country I live in. At the risk of sounding like somebody who rarely saw sunlight, with a vitamin D deficiency and no friends- I really wasn't. I visited friends and went to different parts of the country- but I guess I took it for granted- a bit like how I totally took bacon for granted back in the UK. Let's just say- the Kiwi's do not understand a girls need for a proper smoked BLT sandwich to cure a tequila-induced hangover.

                                  Kevin the Kiwi enjoys his favourite tipple..

There's a view that the work-life balance is better over here than in the UK. In reality- I don't think it is. 40 hour weeks are much more common here, nurses (such as one of my housemates) don't get as much holiday as they do in the UK to counter the stirling job they do day in, day out working horrific hours.Yet somehow, I find that, in my -admittedly- blinkered tunnel vision "OMG THIS PLACE IS SUPER-AMAZING, I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE" view of this country- people seem happier to be here. I think there is a serious element of pride in New Zealander's of their own country, that I haven't seen in the UK for a while. I'm not talking here of crazy BNP-ers or serious insular Euro-sceptics, but people who just love their country. It's pretty infectious. I think that's why I feel my quality of life is better here. It's because I'm a Kiwi-Keeno (check out my alliteration there!) 

I could be totally wrong here and I could get a barrage of people (or rather a slow trickle depending on who can be bothered reading this wonderfully confused insight to my mind) claiming that they feel exactly the way I feel about New Zealand right now. You could all be serious UK enthusiasts- and if you're not then maybe you should be. It is a pretty cool place. Right now I'm sampling some other pretty cool places and [still] loving it. 

Apologies for all the future sappy "I <3 NZ" posts.. but there's no place I'd rather be.

                              View from the deck on an increasingly rare sunny day..

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