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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

missing me yet?

So guys, I have indeed been out of the country for 3 months now.. and I have to say missing you all a *teeny* bit.

Granted- it's probably not enough to make me want to jump on a plane home immediately- as I know most of you would push me back onto the plane as soon as it landed in Heathrow anyway, so it would be an incredibly expensive wasted journey (at least if I was just in Manchester, as wasted trip would never cost you more than a quid.. God Bless the Magic Bus and it's interesting take on health and safety regulations..) so I won't be taking that risk in the next few months anyhow. But it looks like I defnitely won't be coming back for at least 6 months now- as against all the odds I have just secured myself a contract for that amount of time.

Now this does indeed warrant a blog post. I was looking back through some of my posts pre- NZ and I realise how terribly pessimistic I was about making this whole thing work. Turns out I really am a sad realist. I honestly thought I would be back home in Wales by now. 3 months was my target- I set it for myself and thought that if I managed to last for THAT long without Yorkshire Tea (more on that later) or everything yummy in the UK (yes, I AM going to mention Bacon again here- IT'S JUST NOT THE SAME HERE) or my close network of friends and family a few hours away, I had achieved something big, something to really be proud of.

And here it is- I've done it! And what's more, It looks as though I will have beaten my own target (blimey- you can tell I'm a salesperson at heart with all this target chat).

For many of you, this is your opportunity to roll your eyes at the computer screen (or ipad, or iphone, or crapberry, or whatever other fancy thing you're using) and say I told you so.

I won't be giving you another opportunity again- make the most of it.

It seems that the Davies' habit of landing on your feet is hereditary. When I was having a meltdown about failing at being on the other side of the world, my parent's sat me down and looked at me straight in the eyes and simply said "Hey! You're a Davies. No matter what- we deal with it, build a bridge- get over it and get on with it." (definitely just used a bit of bloggers artistic license there, but what the hell, when in Rome..)

Turns out, they were right. (that is SO hard for me to admit)

It also turns out that I needn't be in New Zealand without Yorkshire Tea. Yes- this is sad that I'm saying how happy this makes me in a public sphere but I don't actually care. Thanks to one of my lovliest and rather superb best friends- I recieved TWO, yes TWO packs of Yorkshire Tea- along with some of our favourite biccies in the post last week (Customs must have understood my sheer need for proper tea in my life and let it into the country). This is absolutely fantastic, and I have declared my undying love for her ten times over as a result. But - I have to admit made me miss home a little more, realise that I'm not going to be home for a little while yet.

But remember to pop the kettle on for when I come home.. Make mine a Yorkshire Tea.

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