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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

I feel it in my fingers.. I feel it in my toes..

Today I got this sudden feeling, that I am on the cusp of something big. Like monumental, Empire State Building big. Problem is, I have no idea what this something is. Nor, frankly, I have got a cats chance in hell of knowing what this is in the next few weeks.

Then this got me thinking; this 'feeling', for it to actally materialise it is going to take some effort on my part to bring it about. Going back to my post yesterday, trips, job hunting, is all it takes for this to actually happen. Then again all these require effort, and why bother if you happen to be sitting rather comfortably on your sofa with a glass of delicious red wine? 

The answer is this: to be actually happy and satisfied with everything in your life and the direction it is taking.
 Whilst many people never actually get this, I know I want it. It comes to the point that I know that what I want to be doing will never pay me the big bucks- but surely this doesn't matter when the satisfaction gained from doing said job will give me much more joy than seeing many, many 0's on your paycheck every month? This may mean that I will have to re-think the second mulberry bag purchase this year, or in fact, ever.. I'm not sure this is a sacrifice I'm willing to take though.. Then again, I will be just falling into that same trap that countless, cubicle stricken employees have fallen into before me.

Like I said before, big decisions are to be made this next year. Question is, am I up to them? Stay tuned.

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