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Monday, 20 December 2010

Go easy on me, please?!

Ok, so I've decided to start a blog. Many of you will think this is a rather misguided decision, and some of you may think it's the best thing since sliced bread. Quite frankly though, both these assumptions are largely optimistic as both rely heavily on actually gaining some form of readership to the blog itself. In any case, thanks for sticking it out this far..

As it's my first venture into the world of blogging I guess I should tell you guys why I'm writing it- and the truth is, a friend has just started and I thought I'd delve into the fascinating blogspot world myself. I also have just graduated from university and have inevitably, thoughts of the big bad world and the'future' constantly preoccupying my thoughts. I reckon this would give me the perfect forum to get them out there. (that's really not meant to sound all crazy psychobabble on you all) so here I am.

As a philosophy and politics graduate, you would expect this blog to be exactly just that- reflections on political philosophy going here, there and everywhere.. Never fear!! I'm not gonna go into any in depth theories on Locke's greatest works. This being primarily being because, quite honestly even after 3 years studying the subjects I do not profess to be an expert, nor can I state that I understand fully these complex subjects. So that's what this blog is not... In short it's my musings on current affairs and life in general. Now that's a pretty vague subject area, but c'mon give me a chance, I'm a newbie!!

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  1. I would like some of Locke's theories to be discussed please - stuff on the state of nature would be good.